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    Pari-mutuel racing has been a summer-time event at Evergreen Park for several decades.

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    Horse racing's economic impact on the Grande Prairie area is in the millions annually.

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Horsemen are encouraged to follow the news in regards to live horse racing in Alberta in 2020.

The decision to allow racing, both in regards to health and funding, will start with the Alberta government.

We are hoping that decision will come soon and we are also hoping it means racing can continue. There is also a chance it will not return.

We are preparing for a potential positive outcome and part of that is having horsemen fill in a Stall Application form in anticipation there will be racing.

If you are looking at potentially racing at Evergreen Park this summer please fill out the STALL APPLICATION HERE.

We have our fingers crossed, but if we don't see you this summer hopefully we will see you down the road at Evergreen Park.

Please follow the news, social media and this website in regards to a decision on the sport for this year.




Hi Everyone,


We had much better news yesterday from Minister Dreeshan and Premier Kenney during their Press Conference. 


Both of them advised that the Government is working on something for Horse Racing in Alberta for this year, and would have details very soon. Both Horse Racing Alberta and another Horsemen’s Association Group submitted Financial Support Proposals to the Government due to Covid-19. We hope to hear the details of this support/help by next week, and this is very encouraging for us all.


As soon as we hear from the Government next week (& hoping/believing that it will provide support that would allow us to hold an adequate meet), we would then within a few days be opening up our Evergreen Park Track for Spring Training.

We have contacted our EGP Racing personnel Team, and almost all of them have agreed to return in 2020.


We are currently working on getting the backstretch ready for everyone, and ensuring that we meet all the AHS safety protocols that are requested and required. A letter listing all of these Safety Protocol requirements will be sent to you all by early next week.


We have attached a STALL APP online for you all to register with Pat Hill on. PLEASE FILL THESE OUT ASAP, and get back to us right away.


We ask and encourage all Horsemen to please hang in there just a little longer.


We recognize how extremely difficult it has been these past months. We do hope to have an answer and details on what the Government is able and prepared to do for Horse Racing by next week.


We at Evergreen Park are still believing/hoping at this time in Summer Horse  Racing.


We are hosting another Horsemen Racing Meeting via Teleconference on Thursday, May 14 at 3 pm. Teleconf # is 1-877-385-4099. Participation code # is 9327162.


Please call Pat Hill or myself in the meantime if you have any questions.




Dan Gorman, General Manager 780-832-8795


Pat Hill, Racing Manager 780-876-5324