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Experience Gordon Badger Stadium!

The Grandstand at Gordon Badger Stadium is a dominate feature of the park. It has a covered seating area with a capacity of 2,860 people that may be expanded to 5,760. The Gordon Badger Stadium is the stage for our 1/2 mile & 5/8 mile oval tracks for Live Racing. The Horses At Evergreen Park are active during two months of pari-mutuel racing July and August. This venue is perfect for Live Horse Racing, Outdoor Rodeos, World Professional Chuckwagon Races, Monster Trucks, Tractor Pulls, Music Festivals and more! For inquiries contact Evergreen Park at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call The Park at 780-532-3279

The Horses @ Evergreen Park


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    LIVE STREAMING: Click here for live streaming of The Horses At Evergreen Park

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    ANOTHER GREAT SEASON of The Horses At Evergreen Park is underway and organizers are hoping for a repeat of 2013.

    Crowds were outstanding throughout the 25-race season in 2013 and the weather co-operated. No races had to be cancelled because of the rain.

    Evergreen Park has dedicated itself to ensuring horse racing in the Grande Prairie thrives. There were many changes made in 2013 year and more were made for this year.

    Racing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and holiday Monday Aug. 4 at 1 p.m.) with post time 6:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 1 p.m. Sundays.

    Evergreen Park would like to thank its 2014 sponsors. The sponsor dollars have tripled from last year.

    Here are the conditions for the first three weeks of races:


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    Here are the Boston Pizza Slow Horse Sweepstakes winners:

    July 11: Chris Woodman

    July 12: Lyle Yorkoski

    July 13: Brenda Patterson

    July 18: Laurie Onishenko                                             

    July 19: Cristy Kuntz                                                        

     July 20: Heather Willner 

    July 25: Wanda Grant  

    July 26: Crystal Wilson

    July 27: Wendy Mulligan

    August 1: Amy Stewart 

    August 2: Thiry Kelemen 

    August 3: Gail Shaw

    August 4: Charlotte Patterson 

    August 8: Allan McQuaig

    August 9: Lisa Strid

    August 10: Donna Kulba  

    August 15:  Jenna Sather

    August 16: Tyson Ness

    August 17: Max Cook




Past Events

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    • WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Tarp Auction
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    • Grande Prairie Stompede
    • Dino Ball
    • Festival of Trees
    • MMA Fights
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    • Praise 24
    • Weddings
    • Agri Show
    •  . . . and much more!