The Official Website of Evergreen Park


Evergreen Park is the home of the only permanent outdoor movie screen in the Peace Country.

Created by an organization called Grande Sunset Theatre Inc., the 40-foot-wide screen is located at the north end of the TARA Centre Parking Lot A at the Park.

It began showing movies June 26, 2020 and the hope is to continue weekends – Friday and Saturday – with showings until the end of October annually. There may be some weekends, depending on events at Evergreen Park, where the parking lot is needed, when there may not be shows, but notice of that will be given well in advance.

There will also be other events held at the outdoor theatre including graduations and concerts and it will be made available, through Grande Sunset Theatre Inc. in co-operation with Evergreen Park, for rental for other groups or organizations.

Lionel Robins, one of the founders of the Grande Sunset Theatre, says in order to create the Grande Sunset Theatre the massive screen had to be built so vehicles near and far in the parking lot could see the movie. Robins says the screen came together quickly.


“We got the screen built in six days from one of our other founding partners, Moe from GSL Construction. We have 14-foot screw panels, a full metal framework and a 40-foot diagonal screen - it was a massive project done in a week”.

The TARA Centre Parking Lot A is capable of holding over 500 vehicles. There are several portable washrooms on site and the hope is, in the future, to have mobile food concessions available.

During the current covid situation, all attendees must remain in their vehicles unless using the washrooms. Vehicles are also social-distanced so windows can be rolled down during the movies. Sound for the movies comes through a vehicle radio picking up the audio from an FM transmitter on site.

When customers arrive, they will be put into position by parking attendants, who will also be available after the show to do any battery boosting if needed.

Grande Sunset Theatre is the first permanent outdoor movie theatre in Grande Prairie since the Wapiti Drive In Theatre, opened in 1953, closed in the early-1970s.

All proceeds raised at the theatre go towards local charities in the Grande Prairie region.