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The On Side Restoration Outdoor Rinks are located beside the Gordon Badger Stadium at Evergreen Park.

There are two ice surfaces.

There is a rectangular rink, approximately 120 feet by 120 feet, and a second smaller surface for children that is an oval.The rink also includes a warming hut that holds up to 40 people.

The facility is open daily as is the warming hut. There are snow scrapers available to clean the surfaces, but the Park operations staff do clean the ice and flood it on a regular basis.

The On Side Restoration Outdoor Rinks will be open until the weather is too warm in the spring.

There is no charge to use the facility and it is next door to Troyer Town, an indoor kids playground for children 12 and under, and the Pines Family Restaurant as well as the Pines Restaurant & Casino.

To find out more about On Side Restoration please click on their logo.