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March 20, 2020 EGP Track & Racing Weekly Update 

Dear Horsemen:                                   

Due to the continued escalation of COVID-19, (and our respect for the Government requests), we have implemented the following this week at Evergreen Park:

  • ·     Both the Lewis Hawkes and Drysdale Centre are currently closed to the PUBLIC, and we are not accepting any new boarders or horses at the Park. (Again, no new horses will be allowed on-site until further notice). Lewis Hawkes and the Drysdale are locked, and the Lewis Hawkes is only accessible by CURRENT boarders with their swipe cards.
  • ·       We are hoping that our Summer Race Meet might still be able to be held  in July or August.  (IF things have settled enough for us to be able to race by then.) . Or if not, Grande Prairie then might be a training site for the summer for Fall Racing in Lethbridge. There are still so many unknowns with the length of this terrible virus.
  • ·       At this time, we do not believe that the JDA Raceway Track at the Park will be available for training once it dries over the next few weeks. We will have a better idea as the virus situation continues to evolve. (* And this track possibility would only be for the horses that are currently already on site.).
  • ·       Evergreen Park has laid off almost all of its staff. Track Manager Doug Love has been laid off temporarily as well.  April 1 is his normal return date. However, Doug still lives on site, and knows we are planning to bring him back on staff as soon as the situation allows. He understands fully
  • ·       Both ourselves and RMTC in Lethbridge will be approaching both Provincial and Federal government contacts to inquire about receiving some of the small Business Financial Support for our horsemen. Details were still not available from the Governments on these programs this week.
  • ·       Like so many others, we are trying to balance the safety of our Horse Racing (and overall) Community, and still honor the Government requirements and requests.
  • ·       If you have any questions please call or email myself or Pat Hill.


Dan Gorman

General Manager, Evergreen Park

Cell: 780-83-8795


Pat Hill

Racing Manager, Evergreen Park

Cell: 780-876-5324