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Wetland Centre


The Centre was developed in 2009 as a collaborative effort between industry and government as a location to showcase innovative resource solutions and inspire others to implement those or develop new innovative resources technologies and best practices (e.g., innovative pipeline strategies, innovative water crossings). It has now under the management of Ducks Unlimited.

Why A Wetland Centre?:

Outdoor, hands-on demonstration centres are important for providing on-the-ground examples of innovative industry solutions, demonstrating avoidance and minimization practices, testing out new ideas, and educating visitors about critical habitat and environmental stewardship. The Wetland Centre is unique in boreal Canada by providing a central demonstration location that facilitates information sharing and provides opportunities for knowledge exchange among diverse user groups including Indigenous rights holders, industry, research academia, education groups and the public-at-large.

Boreal wetlands are important areas for biodiversity and ecosystem services. From filtering water and storing carbon, to providing important plant and wildlife habitat, wetlands are prominent features in the boreal forest and are often part of interconnected systems that link all boreal ecosystems. 

In addition, northern Alberta is a hub for resource development and is an area rich in diverse wetlands. These wetlands present opportunities and challenges to industry, governments, Indigenous communities, and other groups working in and near boreal wetlands. 

The Wetland Centre provides a physical location allowing diverse groups to share information about wetlands, discuss challenges, and work together to develop solutions. 

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