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For anyone looking at supporting Evergreen Park through a sponsorship or naming rights it is important to know the Park is a charitable non-profit under the umbrella of the Grande Prairie Regional Agricultural & Exhibition Society.

The Ag Society has been a part of the Peace Country landscape since 1910 when the first "county fair" was held in downtown Grande Prairie.

Evergreen Park is a huge part of the Peace Country community offering venues and services that serve a wide swath of residents both urban and rural.

By supporting the Park through a sponsorship or naming rights, you are not only exposing your brand to the over-500,000 who use the Park annually, you are giving back to the community by helping us keep our doors open. All sponsorship and naming rights revenue goes back into maintaining and upgrading Park facilities.

If your goal is to wave the company flag with signage, naming rights or something else ... we can do that. If you would like to support one of the many projects we are working on .... we can ensure your contribution goes towards improvements at the Park.

Some of your options would be:

  • Naming rights for the Evergreen Park Pavilion (Lewis Hawkes and Drysdale Arenas)
  • Naming rights for salons in the MD of Greenview North Wing of the TARA Centre
  • Naming rights for meeting rooms in the MD of Greenview North Wing of the TARA Centre
  • Your company name, lifetime, on the back of one of the bleachers in the Lewis Hawkes
  • Your company name on an arena panel in the Lewis Hawkes
  • Your company name on a wall sign in the Evergreen Park Pavilion
  • Your company name on a fence sign at the entrance/exit to the Park
  • Exposure for your company on one of the many promotional screens at the Park
  • Sponsorship of wayfinders at the entrances to the main buildings in the Park

We can also custom-build sponsorships to best fit the needs of your company.

Click on the graphic to the right for more details on sponsorship and naming rights available at the Park.

Sponsorships are also available for the 2024 Foster's Peace Country Classic Agri-Show being held at Evergreen Park March 7-9. You can view that information here.

Every July and August The Horses At Evergreen Park, the only live horse racing in Northwester Alberta, are held at the Park. Contact Don Moon, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager, at 780-532-3279 for information on the horse racing options.


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