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    Lewis Hawkes Arena Has New Look
  • Heated Buildings

    Heated Buildings

    Available for use year round!



    Featuring top deck viewing area

  • Two Indoor Riding Arenas

    Two Indoor Riding Arenas

    Available to public for daily use

  • Horse Stalls Available

    Horse Stalls Available

    37 stalls for year-round boarding

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Evergreen Park Pavilion includes the Lewis Hawkes Arena and the Drysdale Arena.

The indoor riding area in the Lewis Hawkes Arena is 190 feet long by 90 feet wide while the indoor riding area in the Drysdale Arena is 170 feet long and 90 feet wide.

Both arenas have undergone major changes over the last few years.

The Lewis Hawkes Arena was modernized to the tune of almost $1.5M dollars as it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022.

Bleacher seating for almost 1,000 people has been added along with a lounge, concession and public washrooms. There are also two box offices.

Other improvements include new tin outside and inside; new paint; new ventilation; new lighting; new sound system; and an announcer’s booth. An 80 x 40-foot wash bay was also constructed in the Hawkes.

The improvements in the Drysdale Arena include new tin inside, new paint, concession stands and washrooms and a second level viewing area for about 40 people. Bleachers can be pulled into the Drysdale Arena for specific events.

 Both arenas are capable of hosting rodeos, penning, sorting, barrel racing events, clinics, 4-H events and much more.


Lewis Hawkes Arena

Day Rate: Includes one groom and use of bleachers. No changes made to arena - $1,000 or $800 for non-profit organization

Hourly Rate: Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. No changes made to arena - $75

Drysdale Arena

Day Rate: Includes one groom, bleachers not included and no change to arena - $800 or $650 for non-profit

Hourly Rate: Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. No changes made to arena - $75

Hourly Rate Prime Time: Monday to Thursday 4-10 p.m.; Friday to Sunday 8 a.m.-10 p.m. - $95


Per Day Inside (Shavings Included) - $30

Per Day Outside (Shavings Included) - $25

Per Month Boarding (Shavings Included) - $225


Day Rate Upper Arena - $250

Day Rate Cross Country Course - $150

Hourly Rate Cross Country Course - $25


Daily Drop In Adult - $20

Daily Drop In Youth (9 to 17) - $10

Monthly Pass Adult - $70

Monthly Pass Youth (9 to 17) - $35

Six Month Adult Pass - $350

Six Month Youth Pass (9 to 17) - $175

Six Month Family Pass (Two Adults & Up To Three Children) - $700


1.      All arena users must have current year waiver signed and day or month rider pass paid.

2.      All people under 18 years of age must wear a helmet.

3.      Look for riders before entering or exiting the arena

4.      Mounting/dismounting to be done in the middle of the arena or in the corner if using a mounting block. When you are done with mounting block please remove it from the arena.

5.      Always keep a safe distance (10 feet) from other horses.

6.      Be aware of your surroundings – sudden turns, stopping/halting etc.

7.      Riders giving their horse a rest should use the inside track or middle of the arena, leaving the outside track free.

8.      Riders passing each other from opposite directions - pass left hand to left hand

9.      Riders going the same direction – faster rider to pass on the outside.

10.   One horse may be lunged at a time no exceptions this includes lunging with someone on the horse as well. Please lunge on one end of the arena and leave the outside track for horses going around you. If you are lunging and someone else is waiting to lunge, please be considerate.

11.   No standing/talking on the track to persons outside the arena.

12.   No tying horses to inside of arena. This is a safety issue.

13.   No headphones or ear buds to be worn while riding (safety issue).

14.   Turning out in the arena allowed is when arena is not in use – 10 minutes max no exceptions. It doesn’t matter if it is one horse or 10. Time limit is still 10 minutes. If you are ready to work your horse, please notify the person that is turned out that you are ready.

15.   If your horse makes a mess in the alleyways coming back from the arena it is your responsibility to clean it up.

16.   Only three bales of hay per horse is allowed in the barn at a time.

*Be kind, courteous and considerate to each other! We all want to enjoy our horses and each other in a safe and positive environment!


1. There will be two-hour time slots that will need to be pre-booked. This means you will need to be cleaned up and out before your time is up - which will help with making sure that you are able to ride.

2. All arena rules will apply.

3. Two horses per person and no groups.

4. There is a sign-in sheet - everyone must sign in every time!

5. Please remember to clean up and sanitize any area you touched or utilize.

6. Please remember your AEF is now due and will be required when booking.

7. Please note that this is opening for the health and wellness of your equine partners.

8. Please contact Corri Pigeau at 587-726-1083 or between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. for more info.l

9. All drop-ins must pre-book. If you choose to just show up you may be refused.


If you would like to book an arena, stall or riding pass contact Corri Pigeau at 587-726-1083 or

For more information please contact 780-532-3279 or

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