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    115,000 square foot convention centre

  • Host Up To 2000 Guests

    Host Up To 2000 Guests

    Perfect for concerts, banquets, or other events

  • Rooms For Any Event

    Rooms For Any Event

    Ideal for meetings, retreats, seminars & conferences

  • Grand Hallway

    Grand Hallway

    Perfect for receptions, weddings or black tie events.

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  • TARA CENTRE is a 115,000sq. ft. convention & exhibition facility for events, including meetings, weddings, conventions, graduations, trade shows &more

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The TARA CENTRE is a 115,000-square-foot convention and exhibition facility for hosting small or large events, including meetings, weddings, conventions, graduations, trade shows of all kinds and more.

The largest space in the TARA Centre is the 46,200-square foot Main Hall. It can hold 2,000 people for a concert, banquet or other events. Take a virtual tour here.

The Main Hall is also capable of accommodating hundreds of booths for trade shows and can be used to display large pieces of equipment like combines, tractor trailers, helicopters and other things that need large doors and lots of height.

Tables, chairs and bleacher seating can be configured to host concerts, MMA fights, festivals, banquets, weddings and other events. Looking to feature hundreds of cars or recreational vehicles in one spot? The Main Hall has the room.

Need more than 46,200 square feet for your event?

Three large doors separate the Main Hall from Halls B, C and D.

You can include one, both or all of the Halls for your event.

Each Hall is 6,606 square feet and 24 feet to the ceiling and they are divided by a moveable wall that can open up to create almost 20,000 more square feet of space. Each Hall can accommodate 300 people.

All three of the Halls feature modern, attract flooring that will work well with whatever your decoration theme. The Main Hall flooring is bare cement.

Each of the Halls also has doors with access to the Grand Hallway – a beautiful carpeted area with chandelier-like lights hanging from a tall ceiling that gives the area the look of an old-time luxury hotel foyer.

The Grand Hallway is the perfect setting as a reception area for a wedding or black tie gala being held in the Halls.

The Grand Hallway also leads into four meeting rooms – the Chamber of Commerce Room; LSM Room; Chuckwagon Heritage Room; and the Kin Club Room.

The Chamber and Kin Club rooms are 1,800 square feet and can hold up to 60 people in banquet style seating or up to 100 in meeting style seating.

The LSM and Chuckwagon Heritage Rooms are 2,452 square feet and can hold 120 for a banquet and 150 for theatre style seating.

These rooms are ideal for meetings, training retreats, small seminars or conferences as well as lunch/dinner meetings and other small private functions like staff Christmas parties.

Doors in each room open to the Grand Hallway as well as directly outside to a parking lot.

Amenities available for all of the rooms inside the TARA Centre include portable whiteboards, flip charts, projector screens and projectors, audio visual equipment, podium, microphone sound system, staging, coat racks, tables (eight and six person), pipe and drape and portable bar service.

If your function is small or large, we can accommodate you! For inquiries contact Evergreen Park at or call The Park at 780-532-3279.

  • Floor Plan
  • Quick Facts
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Click here for a PDF floorplan of TARA Centre

  • Total: 115,000 ft2
  • Main Hall: 46,200 ft2
  • Capacity: 2000
  • Side Halls B, C, D:
    • 6,606 ft2each
    • Capacity: 300
  • Meeting Rooms:
    • Chamber & Kin Rooms
      • 1,800 ft2
      • Capacity: 60
  • LSM & Chuckwagon Rooms
    • 2,452 ft2
    • Capacity: 150