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Evergreen Park History - 1970-1994

Spring of 1978 brought the first Grande Prairie Stompede, promoting growth in the chuckwagon industry and attracting a whole new market.

“The new 150 acre fair site, located about two miles south of the city limits, has an estimated price tag of $4.5 million on completion of phase one of the project. Phase one will include a new five-eigth of a mile race track, a grandstand with a 250 seating capacity, three and one half acres of midway, and agri-plex building for exhibiting animals and a 30 capacity horse barn. The track is designed with a new concept of transitional curves. Throughout the planning and development of the fair ground an effort has also been made to follow the natural contour of the land. We also left in as many trees as possible.”

An auction was held in 1982 to raise money so utility bills could be paid. It had rained that year during the fair and construction of the new fair grounds put the Ag Society in a tight spot. The auction was a resounding success. Bert Delaney summed it up: “What came out of this auction that is as important as the money raised is that we built a real community spirit. The total county pitched in!”

The move to the new grounds spawned a number of new organizations that became part of the Evergreen Park family:

  • The Whispering Pines Rodeo commenced in 1981.
  • The Loggers Association and Game Country Archers were both established in 1982.
  • In 1982, a rest cabin was built by the Grande Prairie and District Old Timers Association from the proceeds of their book entitled “Pioneers of the Peace.”
  • The first Peace Country Classic Agri-Show which featured an agricultural trade show, a seed show, a purebred livestock show and auction was held in 1986.
  • 1987 brought the first Biannual Northern Alberta Forestry Show, including equipment displays, trade booths, lumberjack competitions and seminars.
  • The last county fair was held in 1994.


The Grande Prairie Regional Agricultural & Exhibition Society is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1910 which oversees the development & daily operations of Evergreen Park.

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By 1911, Alphaeous Patterson and his sons had erected the first frame building on what was to be later known as Richmond Avenue. Located where the CIBC stands today, the Patterson building housed the post office, land office and other departments. The second annual fair was held on the first floor.

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1912 - 1914

The Province of Alberta issued the original certificate of organization to the Grande Prairie Regional Agricultural and Exhibition Society on January 1, 1912. Exhibits were moved to the Agricultural Grounds. The minutes of the second meeting of the newly formed Council of Rural Municipality of Grande Prairie #739...

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1919 - 1951

The minutes were destroyed by fire in 1919. In 1920, the Agricultural Society purchased a quarter of land from A. Carveth, NE 1/4 - 25 - 71 - 6 W6. The 1922 Grande Prairie Fall Fair was bigger and better than ever in spite of WWI aftermath and hard times in the district...

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1952 - 1969

In 1952, the first Fair Queen, Patricia Patrick (now Pat Olsen) was crowned. Pat recalls “everything was regal - red carpet, cape and crown. Flag bearers with horses in front, a royal coach...

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1970 - 1994

Spring of 1978 brought the first Grande Prairie Stompede, promoting growth in the chuckwagon industry and attracting a whole new market...

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2000 - 2010

The turn of the century marked the beginning of a decade of transformation of Evergreen Park. A robust regional economy brought heightened expectations and the need for modernization of Evergreen Park’s facilities...

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August 25th of 2012 Evergreen Park celebrated the 100th year of the agricultural society.